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Local Online Ordering | Delivery thorughout the US

Local Online Ordering | Delivery thorughout the US

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Why did you start your company?

Life is about timing, aligning your center of belief, and having the courage to dedicate, and ensuring others have the opportunity to taste the finest quality ingredients.

Whether you are an Ironman Triathlete, a Spartan warrior, CrossFit enthusiast, or looking for the ultimate breakfast that your body requires. Juices, smoothies, açaí bowls, and granola made from the finest quality ingredients can make all the difference.

What makes our granola stand out above other choices?

We baked crunchy options either with organic oats, gluten-free oats, or only organic fruits, and nuts. Our ingredients are sourced from suppliers that deliver daily. Our selection of granola is inspired by many years of finding what customers want in their granola. Our recipes are customer-driven and that makes all the difference.

Are you available for motivational speaking on the topics of a healthy lifestyle and how it can change the rule of longevity?

Yes, and this is done via 20-minute zoom calls without any charge. All we ask if you are happy with the session to donate to one of our favorite charities.

What are the differences and benefits between juices and smoothies?

The nutrients of juices are quickly channeled into the bloodstream; there is an energy boost effect; with certain juice recipes, a detoxifying effect eliminates radicals within our bloodstream; they're gentle on the digestive system; and an alternative way to digest vegetables.

Smoothies allow for add-ons such as protein powders, seeds, nuts, fiber, variety of dairy or non-dairy milk; thickness in texture; and remain full for longer periods.

Do you add oils, butter, and preservatives to the granola?

There are added oils or butter of any kind, no GMO, no sugars, no preservatives, no additives, no coloring or artificial flavoring. Our granola’s ingredients are organic and we bake to perfection. Our 5 choices of granola have been selected to enhance your daily intake of proteins, carbohydrates, and healthy fats.

When can I drink a smoothie?

In the morning, before and after a workout depending on the ingredients, Lunch on-the-go, when you have a mid-afternoon craving for a sweet taste, and as a substitute for an evening meal.

What constitutes a healthy açaí bowl?

Our açaí is from Brazil and arrives frozen, we only include organically grown seeds, nuts, and fruits, and gluten-free granola. No GMO or preservatives are added. 100% oil-free.

What are the stand out differences between our company and others?

Fueling your body is what makes the difference between health and sickness, knowing what nutrients and minerals are required for a healthy lifestyle is what sets our company apart from others. We understand what energizes you, what quality ingredients are best.

Where do you buy your ingredients?

We support local producers and we source our grains, nuts, seeds, honey, and açaí berries from selected suppliers. 

Could I work for your company?

Yes, we are an equal opportunity employer, and if your passion is health and fitness, email us at

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What Customers Say About Us

Samantha B.

I was not sure which flavor is my favorite to date, actually love all the Acai bowls you deliver, next going to order the bulk granola.

Brenda R.

Smoothies are my go-to and now the acai bowls are becoming my next best breakfast.